Janene on the Issues

History & Pioneer Heritage
It is the great people and our pioneer spirit that continues to make Utah one of the best places to live, work and raise a family. I will preserve the Santa Clara historic district. I am an advocate for single residential neighborhoods and less high-density housing.
Responsible City Growth
Responsible growth will help our economy and protect our communities. Through careful infrastructure planning we will spend less time fighting traffic, water issues and possible crime, all of which needs to be carefully addressed. With growth brings change and the solution is vigilant city planning.
Land & Water
I'll advocate in keeping and using our public lands. The role of the government in our public lands is to remember the word "public". Our Farmers and agricultural land must be protected. I will fight to protect and keep our land and water rights. Water and power bills will be transparent.
Upholding Our Constitution
As a former history teacher, I taught the Constitution for 26 years. I truly believe that our Constitution is a document that was created by our Founding Fathers who were inspired by God. I want to uphold the Constitution in my decision-making process. Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed.
Our students deserve an excellent education. Parents, teachers, and local school boards should be the primary drivers of education. I believe in school choice for the parents and students. We need the basics of education of, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and even the arts. There should be no room for political agendas or sexual indoctrination.
Law Enforcement
As a mother of two sons who are in law enforcement, I love and appreciate our officers. They are needed in our communities and deserve our respect. Firemen and first responders are equally loved, respected, and appreciated. Fair pay for these essential community workers.
I believe in the free entrerprise system, which encourages competition and innovation. I will look for ways to improve our local economy by rolling back government spending and help to give tax relief to our residents. I believe it’s important to support small businesses and make it easy to work from home. Less red tape and regulations.
Freedom of Speech
Our 1st amendment rights are being restricted. I believe in civil debates, not attacks and disruptions just because of disagreements with certain agendas.It takes courage to speak up and express how we feel in this environment today. I am alarmed at the censorship and bullying that is happening all over America and even in our small communities. My hope is that we all take action and stand for free speech and our First Amendment rights.
I believe the people have the right to know by the end of an election day, who won the election. I believe in voter ID and simple paper ballots. The precinct election judges count these ballots and have precincts turned in by the end of the day. I believe citizens should feel confident that their vote counted. I would love to make “Election Day” a national patriotic holiday so everyone has the chance to vote in person.
Conserve our heritage, our values, and our constitution with a write-in vote for Janene Burton for Santa Clara City Council!