Endorsements for Janene Burton

“Janene Burton will be an outstanding addition to the Santa Clara City Council. Having collaborated with her on several projects for the past several years, I've found her to be passionate about the community, hugely energetic, willing to take on virtually any task, and able to overcome daunting circumstances that would challenge the average human. As a lifelong educator, she will bring a thirst for knowledge, a natural curiosity, and wonderful enthusiasm to this new role. Santa Clara will be fortunate to have Janene Burton as a steward of the city's future!”

Marianne Hamilton

Journalist/Community Volunteer/Senior Games Race Director & Athlete

“Janene is a go-getter. She is heavily involved in her community and stays educated on the issues. Janene will bring a fresh perspective to the city council and will never waiver in her commitment to the community and the constitution. I have enjoyed working with her in the Republican Party and know I can count on her. She is passionate and caring in all she does. Please write in Janene Burton on your ballot in November!.”

Haylee Caplin

Washington County Women’s Republican Club President

“It is my pleasure to endorse Janene Burton as she will work tirelessly to advocate for policies that support the Constitution and conservative family values. Janene was a colleague of mine for many years and a brilliant teacher of US history and the Constitution. Janene is highly intelligent with common sense. She looks beyond the twisting of semantics to root out hidden partisan agendas which would be detrimental to a sovereign informed people. As she has held many Utah political positions and will be your champion. Please write in Janene Burton as the best possible representative of the community of Santa Clara.”

Linda Tognoni M.Ed

ACC SPED Teacher, Park Lane Elementary

“I'm a former student of Janene Burton's at Preston High School. She was more than a teacher as she treated her students so well. She made it easy to remain friends with her for many years. Luckily, we both ended up living just a few miles from each other in Santa Clara. My brother Troy who was also her student, remains close to Janene.”

Joy Hobbs Carroll

Santa Clara Resident, Former Student of Janene Burton

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Janene since she was a young girl, as well as her family. After she graduated from college,and got married, they built a home next to ours. Janene taught at the local middle school as she raised her four children, and built a large clientele teaching dance. I know her to be a dedicated and responsible leader. She would be an excellent member of Santa Clara City Council.”

Judy Hansen

West Jordan City Council

“I am happy to endorse our write-in candidate Janene Burton for Santa Clara city counsel. She has a sound foundation of political experience serving throughout the state of Utah over the last 25 years as a voice for conservative values as well as upholding our constitutional rights on a local municipal level. She is an educator, public speaker and mentor to women representing success in her personal life and helping others break free from fear of overcoming personal obstacles. I feel she is qualified to help address the needs of Santa Clara with her personable demeanor and strong conviction for truth!”

Dr. Troy Graf

Santa Clara Business Owner, The Natural Healing Center

“I endorse Janene Burton for Santa Clara City Council. She is an intelligent genuine conservative that know more about our country’s history and the Constitution than most of the rest of us. She is honest, passionate about what is right and a great leader and teacher.”

Shelley Sybil Gish

Santa Clara Resident, Owner of The Healing Herb
Conserve our heritage, our values, and our constitution with a write-in vote for Janene Burton for Santa Clara City Council!